Class Revolution::Revolution
In: revolution.c
Parent: Object


Public Class methods

Creates a new Revolution object


Public Instance methods

Adds a new appointment to the Evolution calendar.

Adds a task, returns the task UID

Deletes an appointment from the Evolution calendar.

Deletes a task from the Evolution task list.

Fetches all appointments.

Fetches all contact unique IDs

Fetches all contacts

Fetches all tasks

Gets a single appointment using its unique id

Fetches all appointments between the given Time values.

Gets appointments with an arbitrary s-expression query, e.g., (occur-in-time-range? (make-time "20050302T000000Z") (make-time "20050305T000000Z")) return any appointments in the specified time range

See calendar/backends/file/e-cal-backend-file.c, line 1372, for example of time_t to iso date See line 1007 of the same file for various query types


Gets a single contact using its unique id

Gets contacts by name; returns any name that contains the passed in parameter

Gets contacts with an arbitrary s-expression query, i.e., (contains "full_name" "Smith") would return any contacts whose named contained "Smith" - Joe Smith, Fred Smithson, etc.